Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Week In Review; Number Two

This week in Plae Land...

New MAC line up is up and running! I've been looking for ways to upgrade my blog and have decided to reboot my MAC Dupe photos. I've tried to make it more compact for quicker loading and easier to search through. You can check that post out here.

Thoughts on Duo Concealer from Hard Candy? I've seen so many hauls on this stuff. I almost purchased a stick today but it was $9.00 at Walmart. What is that? I'm going to do more research before I pick some up. Hard Candy must not know that I'm all about savings. I would gladly appreciate any feedback on it. 

Streaming Titanfall on Twitch.tv 🎮 Hah! Got you. Yeah, I'm not switching to gaming. I'm good with some Gameboy Color downtime. My brother however, has begun streaming. If you're into watching game plays or enjoy Xbox games, you should give his stream a look. He will be streaming every day & if I can help it (switching up his game selection). Check his Twitter out for his Twitch Links & when he streams. 

Last, but not least. June has come. Only a couple of months before my summer blowout & I'm working hard to get my body toned. Since I'm not really looking to lose anymore weight, I'm searching for some fatty but good fat diets and came across LCHF. This is something I have never heard of and is what it is; Low Carb, High Fat. This diet helps to reintroduce regular fats which is something I plan on trying in the next few days. I'll check back with you on the rest of my research & details.

Speaking of summer blowouts, I'm listing lots of new & used items (a girl needs her extra spending money) including games, tv/dvd collections, movies, clothing, band shirts, and lots of beauty products! You can check all of those out by clicking here! I pride myself of my 100% positive seller profile, so I'll take care of my buyers! 

For now, that's all folks. I may or may not begin posting about The Night Shift on my television blog, so let me know what you think below or tweet me @aerup

Be sure to check out the links to each mentioned post & meet me back here next week. 

I love pickles.

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