Monday, May 26, 2014

Week In Review; Number One

This Week In Plae Land...

I finally shut up and gave The Devil Inside my money. This was possibly a dumb move on my part because it will most likely be on HBO in the next month... I wasn't superbly impressed with the film, but it did accomplish the tough task of making me jump.

If you have been around for a bit, you may know that I've been trying to get healthy. It's been an enduring journey of weight loss & becoming a healthier me in general. This week, I've officially shed my body down to a weight I haven't seen in quite some time. Of course, it's not all about that infamous number. I've also posted a new workout plan I begin to practice come June. 

With summer on it's way in my neck of the woods, it's become that time of year that I dread. That's right, Grey's Anatomy had yet another season finale. This was the first week without an episode & I feel so empty. Luckily, MTV's newest Challenge has kept me at bay. 

I try to live tweet each week as Free Agents premieres on the East Coast. Feel free to tweet with me @aerup

Finally, things have been coming and going in the beauty department. I've been cleaning out my collection & blog selling my new & unused makeup products. You can find a link to that sale here, as well as my current giveaway

Be sure to check out the links to each mentioned post & meet me back here next week. 

I love pickles.

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