Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week In Review; Number Five

This week in Plae Land...

I have been a blogging machine this week! A bunch of them are beauty related, so bare with me if that's not while you're here.

First & most exciting; my newest dupe has been discovered and revealed. I really enjoy the color that Too Faced's Bronzer gives, but the smell isn't my favorite. Thankfully, I could find something just right.

I've also gone through and set aside makeup I want to use up this summer; or just get more use out of in general.

This included my favorite MAC eye shadows that I rarely touch! What? Yes. 

Of course, some brushes had to be tossed in as well... 

Oh, this is exciting. I've recently discovered a sample site that is legit and even does giveaways along the line. Make sure to check this one out; they don't just find makeup items. 

Let us talk television for a moment. While I contain my excitement by catching up on The Night Shift; I am still counting down the moments until MTV's Challenge comes to another close. I've been posting weekly recaps of the entire Free Agent season and this finale is anyones game! 

Of course I saved the food for last. I've been off and on my 'healthy' kick these past few weeks but discovering a new favorite salad has really been helping. If you enjoy red onions, you've gotta check this out.

That's it for this week. Be sure to meet me back here next time for shed tears of either excitement or disappointment via Johnny Bananas.

I love pickles.

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