Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Twitter App For You! • Apple ios7

Not sure which app you should be applying to your every day tweeting needs? Let me help you with that. 
Over the years, I have tried out a handful of Twitter apps tailor made for ios devices. Let's take a closer look. 

Twitter for iPhone • Ease ⭐️
With Twitter for iPhone you can easily tweet and get around the twitter-verse. You are able to switch profiles, edit your profile, text size, & how you are notified. You also have the option to quote tweets rather than retweeting them. This app is free to use and easy to set up. Twitter for iPhone pulls your accounts straight from your iDevice so that you are able to tweet ASAP!

Echofon for Twitter • Customizable ⭐️
Echofon for Twitter offers a completely customizable experience. You have many add ons to change up including photos filters, the way names are displayed, access to edit your entire profile & colors used in the app along with font size. Echofon is free to use and allows you to add accounts directly from the app. It is also available on Android devices & I currently use this as my Twitter App.

Tweetbot 2 • Costly ⭐️
Tweetbot is my least liked app of the trio and will cost you for it's use. Even though you pay for this app you are cut loose from many options above such as editing your header & color scheme. Of course you are offered the broad ability to edit font size, the way usernames are displayed, and your avatar. Tweetbot 2 isn't an app I have enjoyed nor would I recommend it. Along with many letdowns, the app is no longer available for ios7 and users have been asked to purchase the newest Tweetbot 3. 

Hopefully this helped you whether you use one or multiple apps for your tweets. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for updates on television shows, blog posts & other odds and ends.

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