Monday, October 6, 2014

Replacing iPhone 5 Screen: Parts You Need & The Cheapest Retailers

So, your iPhone fell again. This time, it was a horrifying experience because the screen shattered. What are you to do? You never thought this would happen to your phone! Here's my experience. I'll show you how easy it was, how long it took and how much it cost through the entire process. 

I'll admit, I've had a pretty good track record when it comes to dropping my phone. I've been an iPhone user for almost 3 years and never really had an issue with the copious amounts of glass when it comes to dropping the device. Honestly, I think my old android broke easier than any apple product in my possession. Finally, the time had unfortunately come one drunk and late evening. I blame my bartender. 

First things first, am I covered? Oh, you mean that little fee that your contract probably offers and you refuse each month? Yep. That. All of it. I wasn't covered and actually had no help what so ever when I contacted my phone service as to the steps I should take. After troubleshooting online and searching for parts or repair services, I became overwhelmed and confused. I need a digitizer? What the fuck is that? Can I not just purchase a piece of glass? (Kidding.) Once I figured out what a digitizer was, I really wasn't sure I needed one. In fact, the only thing I knew I needed was professional help. Eventually I came across

YouTube actually brought this company to my attention while looking at how difficult it could be to replace the screen on your own. The Phone Doctors had a very informative step by step video showing the task to be pretty easy and slightly tedious. I'm not sure how much I trust myself with such an expensive piece of technology, so I went to their website to get some more information. Not only does offer different replacement parts galore, but they tend to more than just apple products or phones in general. 

I almost purchased the DIY Kit seeing how it was about $10-20 cheaper, but I was really nervous and at this point I was questioning if I needed more replaced than the glass screen. Thankfully there is a doctor on call 24/7! One of the best qualities within this company is their customer service. The employees made me feel comforted and explained anything and everything I could not understand. Due to the only slight jump in prices, I thought it would be safe to settle for a Mail In Repair.

You can easily troubleshoot which problems are occurring with your device and choose what needs repairing by visiting and clicking the Services Tab > Mail In Repair. Even if you are unsure of your phone's issue, you can still send it to the doctors and they will figure it out for you! 

Full Screen & Digitizer Repair for iPhone 5 $99.99
*Return Shipping w/ Insurance $15
*Cost of Shipping To PD $15
*cost may vary; your shipping method and/or location

We've discussed the issue, the solution and the prices. Now, let's break down just how long I had to be without my device. You aren't prompted to pay anything until The Phone Doctors repair your device. Once they receive your shipment, they assess the item(s) and contact you with an estimate. The only price you should have to pay beforehand is the cost of shipping your phone out to them. I advise to insure your package and of course that is optional. When going through USPS, I got my phone insured for $600 and shipped to the company for a little under $15. 

I shipped my phone out on a Friday and the package was tracked and arrived Monday morning. It took another 24 hours for the company to contact me and reassure me that they had their hands on my phone and were getting to it as we spoke. The following day (now 48 hours since it's been in their possession) I got a call to let me know it was repaired. This is when you cry because you love your phone enough to spend $100+ on it but it still hurts. My total was the exact $114.99 that I was quoted with repairs and shipping insured. I had set aside some extra money for tax but apparently that wasn't a variable. After confirmation my phone had been fixed and was being shipped out, it took an additional 5 days (including Sunday) for it's return. 

Like I have mentioned above, I truly appreciated the company and their customer care. That is probably the biggest reason I am recommending them to you. God forbid I break something else, I wouldn't hesitate to do business with The Phone Doctors once again. The only other company I would have trusted was Apple and the phone parts alone would've run me $120. After researching so much on how and where to repair your phone screen, really was the cheapest way to go. Okay, DIY is the cheapest way to go... but the extra $20 was worth my reassurance. If I had to find one bad thing to say about this entire process, it would be that I had no way of tracking my phone once PD had sent it back to me. Due to paying insurance I assumed it would be included, but none the less it's back home and I'm happy.

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