Monday, July 14, 2014

Week In Review; Number Eight

This week in Plae Land...

It's been two months since I've started this blog. Unbelievable... Let's start the third off with some Grey's Anatomy. I know, I know.... It's been a hot minute. I hate when seasons change and love it all at the same time.

Cast & Crew have been updating us all on their first table read for the upcoming season and I cannot help but ponder how this scenario turns out. Who's with me? Let's start the season already!!

It doesn't help that there's not much to keep my television preoccupied. It's hard enough to find a decent horror flick these days; let alone one that isn't a remake. I ended up with this on my eyeballs.

The recently released Carrie remake was quite a flop in my opinion. Again, it was a modern take of a by-the-book story. I really wanted more from this...

Let's step into some positivity! That's right... Beauty!!

I've been duping my little butt off this past week with lines other than MAC. Yep, it finally happened. I've been looking into other high end brands that have taken a liking to the public eye. LORAC, Too Faced and NARS have become my next victims. 

Speaking of which, I have been mapping out my greatest and latest Urban Decay Naked Dupes. It's a slow and steady road, but it is happening! 

While I keep a close eye on those palettes, get your eyes on this one from theBalm Cosmetics! I'm giving my Nude Tude palette away to one of you & it's free and easy to enter! 

Be sure to check out each linked photo and let me know your thoughts on any subject mentioned above. Peace & Love!

I love pickles.

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